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Close to our Cottage

In short, here are the different options within 40 minutes drive of our cottage

All about Chartreuse tourism: this link

Major Cities
►Voiron, its train station and its imposing church Saint Bruno, 18 min, 12 km. Many restaurants.
►Grenoble Bastille cable car, 30 min, 25 km

►Under the Pisserotte waterfall: 20 minutes walk, link
►Paladru lake, 30 min, 25 km: link maps
►Aiguebelette lake located 37 min, 32 km: link maps

►The monastery of Chalais, its biscuits and its belvedere, 23 min, 15km: link maps
►The monastery of "la Grande Chartreuse", 22 min, 16 km: link maps

History and archaeology
►Guided tour of the "Sardinian way", 23 min, 18 km: link maps
►The visit includes the "caves of the Echelles": website
►The archaeological site of "la fru," shelter under rock which dates from -10,000 years, located in forest, near the Sardinian way: tourist link here
►The historical circuit of Voreppe: tourist link here

►Visit of the farm of Plantimay and purchase of its cheeses: located 2 minutes from the cottage (on foot too), link here
►The famous biscuits of the monastery of Chalais:
link here
►Bakery "Maison 1830", 2 min drive from the Gite, 20 min walk: link maps

►Cinema "Le Cartus" located in Saint Laurent du Pont, 8 min: website, link maps
►Cinema "Le Cap" located in Voreppe, 8 min:
website and link maps

►Walks near the cottage: see our page
►Hikes in Chartreuse: see our page

Tourist offices
►Saint Laurent du Pont: click here
►Saint Pierre de Chartreuse: click here

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